Do you have a swarm?

If they are not collected then they can move into a chimney or a roof space, so please do ring a swarm collector and let us know about them.

They may start making a home in a tree - but they are very unlikely to last a British winter outside, so please ring and ensure they are collected safely.
These bees were collected from a tree where they had been for 3 or 4 months. You can see the combs they had made for a home in this apple tree. They had used much of their honey stores up and would have been killed by the winter frosts and rain.

Many people will go their whole lives never seeing a honey bee swarm. It is a wonderful site to see. Bees in a swarm gorge on honey before they leave and are unlikely to sting. However don't get too close, take a photo if possible and this can be used to identify that it is definitely a honey bee swarm.

Honey bees swarm as a way of producing a new colony. 

If you see a cluster of bees then please get in touch with one of our swarm collectors. 

They can cluster in a hedge, on  a fence post on even just on a wall.

If you think you might have bees then check our Bees at your house page too. We can  not come out to bumblebees. 

Contact our swarm coordinator

Not honey bees ?
If it's a paper nest then it is  wasps. If it's in a bird box or at the eaves of your house then it's almost certainly bumble bees.

If you're not sure then look at our Bees at your house page or our Wasps page

We are very sorry but we are unable to attend to deal with bumblebees or wasps.

If it looks like any of these photos then it's honey bees - give us a call!