Bees at your house?

We often get calls from members of the public who think they have honey bees. Most of the time they are not honey bees but some of the many types of wonderful bumblebees in the UK. There are 25 different species of bumblebee in the UK, but only eight are commonly found.. There is a leaflet all about bumble bees that you can download for free here, or this one to help identify the different species of bumblebee.

You can get more information about identifying what sort of bumblebees you have at the Bumblebee conservation site

We can not come out to bumblebees. We are unable to relocate bumblebees. They are usually out of reach of humans - they like to nest at the eaves of houses or up in bird boxes. Your cats will not be bothered by them - and many cats play with bumblebees still even if they get stung! 
If they are at ground level then try placing a plant near where they are so that no one walks into them. It is the boys who dance outside in the sunshine and these do not have any equipment to sting you with! 

This is a bumblebee - they are very timid and you should be able to take a photo of them very easily! 

These bees are in a bird box. Tree bumblebees love bird boxes. The bees outside are boys waiting for the girls to come out.
The boys can not sting as they have no equipment with which to sting you.
They will go away after a while. If you don't like them there then move the bird box in the autumn when nothing is nesting it in.

BumbleBees will take advantage of holes in soffits. 
Do maintenance in the autumn when they will have all gone! 

Ventilation holes can be used for access for bumblebees. 

These can be identified as bumblebees even though the picture is not very clear. They are much larger than honey bees and they are fatter!