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BBKA Archive film screening (Sunday 15th February 2019)

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The film show started with a short film on the Asian Hornet.  It was quite shocking to see how the hornet hawks outside the hive and picks the bees off.  Interesting to see the actual size of the hornet in direct comparison to the honey bees. 

Following was a film on the life of the honey bee this was lovely film detailing the life cycle of the bees, the different castes and what they get up to both inside and outside the hive including communication and the famous waggle dance.

Next up the film Hive of Industry was a very informative look at the making of the hives and frames and the machines and people that churned them out this included a look at the Taylor girls as they wired the wax foundation not sure if it was the wax or the country living that kept them so young looking. 

Dade then instructed us on Acarine dissection with both diagrams and a microscopic look at the actual dissection and how to remove the collar to get a proper look at the mite that lives, multiplies and feeds in the bee’s breathing tubes (tracheae), primarily in the large prothoracic tubes.   

Asian Hornet ClipLife Of Honey Bee Clip

Taylor GirlsDade Dissection

Following lunch it was all about the queen with queen castles, selection, instrumental insemination (not for the faint hearted) then a two part film on queen substance and the experiments that took place to prove that the queen has this and what happens when it is took away.  A fantastic day, great company and a win for Medlock.

Instrumental inseminationBefore electronics
Queen SubstanceQueen Cage