Medlock Bees Meetings

Every month we hold bee chat evenings where we discuss topics such as swarm control, queen rearing. We support our new beeekeepers with introductory talks using a training hive.

Join us on the first Monday of the month at the New Moston Club from 8pm!
New Moston Club on Parkfield Road North in New Moston. The postcode is M40 3RQ

2019 Meetings
February 4th
March 4th
April 1st
May 6th
June 3rd
July 1st
August 5th
September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd

As a member of Medlock bees you can attend our meetings plus any of the branch meetings of the other members of Lancashire and North West beekeepers Association

We meet every first Monday of the month, unless that's a bank holiday in which case we meet on the second Monday. The meetings will be listed on this site and on our Facebook page.

You are welcome to attend no matter where you live, so if you are an Oldham beekeeper, a Tameside beekeeper or a Manchester beekeeper you can come to our meetings and join us! 

Many of our beekeepers are based in Oldham but we also have members in Tameside and Manchester.

They are informal and a great place to have a chat about bees or ask other beekeepers for advice. We do run short sessions of theory at these meetings on various topics, using a training hive for new beekeepers. These meetings will be listed on the Medlock Bees Facebook page.
The other branches of Lancashire & NW beekeepers association are :-