Lancashire and NW BKA Honey Show 2017

Information about the Honey Show can be found here 

We had several people enter the honey show and we came away with several prizes!
It was an enjoyable experience. Walking into the show room we immediately saw people polishing jars vigorously! We knew were in the right place! Each exhibit had to have a small sticker applied that recorded the class it was in and the number to tie it to the exhibitor.
Once the setting out time had expired everyone left and the judges got on with the task of judging.
There were some talks on, so we went and listened to those. They were enjoyable.
After lunch the judges had finished and the tickets showing the places were put out. A queue had formed outside with people eager to know how their entries had done. 
We went in and discovered we'd done rather well! 

Class 29. Composite Cooking Class: One fruit honey cake & six honey fruit scones – both made to the specified recipes; Cakes must not exceed 20cm in diameter. John won first place for his cake and scones (Which were delicious!)

Class 30. One Photographic Print: Depicting any aspect of bees or beekeeping; maximum size A4; with a title.

We entered four prints in this. The first prize went to a photo of a swarm mimicing the shape of the plant pot they had landed on. Second was a mass of yellow pollened bees and the third was of a bee approaching a borage flower.

Class 31. An Item of Craft: Depicting bees or beekeeping. Nic won first place for his model hive - a half scale national hive.

model national hive 1st place craft class Lancashire NW BKA honey show

Class 25. One Decorated Honey Cake: Made to any recipe – must contain honey. The cakes were lovely!

This was the decorated honey cake class. Cath got third and Luke got highly commended. The first place went to an amazing looking cake which was cells with a bee emerging! Second place was a cake of 'frames'.

Class 17. Novice Wax: One 227g cake of Beeswax, plainly moulded. Open to members who have not won a first Prize in any wax class (including candles) at the County Members Annual Show.

Diane got second for her wax in this class!

John and Cath entered honey into two classes
Class 9. Beginner’s Honey: One 454g jar of Honey, any variety, open to members who started beekeeping in 2016 or 2017.

Cath got second in class 9. 

Class 8. Novice Honey: Two 454g jars of Honey, any variety, open to members who have not won a First Prize in any honey class at the County Members Annual Show.
John got very highly commended for his entry in this class.

At our October bee night we had a short talk by Ang about the show and encouraged people to enter next year. 
Classes like the photography one are easy for non-beekeepers to enter as there's no requirement to have bees!  

We got some useful tips for entering honey next year. The judges look at the colour,shine a light through, make sure the jar is filled so there is no gap between the top of the honey and the lid - from the side - even if it's filled with more than 454g of honey. If it comes down to two jars then even something like the placement of the label can make the difference.

What colour are the cards for the prizes in honey shows?
what colour are the cards for prizes in a honey show
First is red
Second is pale blue 
Third is orange 
Very highly commended is pale green